Proving Ground: The uncomfortable truth behind Transparent soul's EP title (pt. 1 of 2)

"Music has healing power. It has the ability to take people out of themselves for a few hours."-Elton john

There are so many things i love about being a singer/song writer so heavily involved in rock music. Performing live i love the rush of putting all my passion and energy out on the stage, sweating bullets and most of all attempting to make an emotional connection with music fans while allowing a room full of people to be in on some of my story. why i wrote certain songs, where i was emotionally during the writing process and who i am as not only an artist but also an individual long after the music is stripped away.  There really is an art to capturing and connecting with new crowds.  Many of whom do not know your music, have never seen you live before, most likely do not think in terms of music theory or terms. instead  they just want to feel connected with and want to feel as if they know you better by the time you pack up and are off to the next venue. A common ritual for me is to "prep the room" before  ever stepping on stage or singing a single note. By the time you step on the stage it may be your only chance to make an impression and a possible life long fan but in my opinion the job starts as soon as you enter the venue and see one person who took the time to come out and see what you and your music are all about. I say this with all due respect to musicians but I think we do ourselves wrong when we sit next to our merch tables and snub everyone as if we were entitled rock stars in the venue before a show. part of being a musician is also being someone who can not only be "Hardcore" but also down to earth. I have always attempted to put my story and what i think makes me unique as an artist first and view the music as just the mere vehicle to relay that story.  when you come to a Transparent soul show you can lots of raw energy and loud music (which hopefully is apart of any great rock show) but you can also expect a range of emotions from humor to somberness. Transparent soul prides itself on being a rock band with some awesome original tunes but one of the many highlights of our show as of late is doing a rock version of "Lose yourself" by "Eminem." before the song I go on a rant about how back in high school I went through a phase where I listened to rap, had the bleached hair and baggy pants and wanted to be slim shady! it enables the crowd to get to know me and not only my serious side but also some of the dumb things about me.    By the end of the show we play a song called "Dear God" where I tell a short story about my background, where I came from and  some of what I have had to overcome. sometimes it can be intimidating but its worth it when after i leave the stage people say they were entertained and even impacted by the show. people do music for many reasons. Hopefully a large part of the reason is to be open, authentic and sometimes knowing when to be highly vulnerable!  In part two of this blog I will talk about the uncomfortable truth behind the title of our EP  "Proving Ground". If you would like to listen to proving ground click the "Music" tab on this site! thanks for taking the time. Rock on!